’Shut up f##ing Turks’, GD MPs tell SYRIZA MP in parliament – My parents fought against Nazism, responded SYRIZA MP

A heated exchange of words erupted in parliament, Thursday, between MPs of the right-wing Golden Dawn (GD) party and muslim SYRIZA MP, Hussein Zeibek during talks of the bill on the erection of the Athens Mosque. GD MP Ilias Panayiotaros accused Zeibek of recently tearing up a Greek flag, allegations Zeibek denied saying that his parents had fought Nazism in WW2 in Albania and called on GD to prove their accusations. ‘I’ll bring photos. Declare that there is no Turkish minority in Thrace or else you are a Turk’, shouted GD MP Yiannis Lagos. Panayiotaros was continuing his verbal abuse by yelling ‘F##ing Turks. Shut up you f##ing Turks’.

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