Rift in government coalition, as ANEL to oppose mosque construction bill

Junior coalition partners in the Greek government, ANEL are expected to vote against provisions for the expedition of the erection of an Islamic mosque at Votanikos, in Athens, in a bill scheduled to be introduced into a plenary session of parliament, Thursday. George Lazaridis, ANEL’s speaker on the bill made it clear that his party was opposed to the construction of the mosque and would vote against the provisions included in the bill on energy and the environment. Based on the positions expressed by Greek parties on the matter during the relevant discussion in competent parliamentary committee, the provision on the erection of the mosque will be supported by SYRIZA, New Democracy, the Democratic Alignment, To Potami, while KKE stated it would vote it with reservations. The Union Centrists party and far right Golden Dawn abstained from the talks. According to estimations presented by the General Accounting Office of the state the mosque will cost 964,000 Euros to the Greek taxpayer.

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