Agrinio PASOK members furious with attempted falsification through 91 “extra” ballot papers

A fiasco was the electoral procedure yesterday in Agrinio, for PASOK’s primary election, despite the satisfactory turn-out and participation of its members.

According to information, the procedure was interrupted, when there were found 91 ballot papers more than the voters’ record. As a matter of fact, particular candidates where marked on the extra papers, and thirty of them where stack in a bundle.
The complaints and assertions for falsification went all the way to the Statutes and Certification Committee, which made the decision to cancel the vote count procedure and return the sealed poll to Athens, demonstrating this way that they trust neither the local nor the central returning board to give a credible result.
We should make a note, that after this particular incident, local PASOK members entered the room and exchanged offense, while one of the returning board members, Mr. Takis Kokkinovalislis, who didn’t sign the results, kept his distance from the whole event.
The furious members, according to the same source, have turned their wrath towards the prefectural committee secretary, Ms. Kouki and the politician Mr. Christogiannis, a close associate of Dimitris Konstantopoulos.  
Npress.gr has contacted the PASOK MP, Mr. Konstantopoulos, who after showing his satisfaction for the great attendance did not want to make any more remarks, as he insists that this sort of practice cultivates introversion and is damaging PASOK, while he didn’t know any more details, nor been part of the procedure, as the day was meant to belong to the citizens, in his words.  
See the formal statement of the Returning Board:
After the conclusion of the election in Agrinio, during the count of the votes for the Prefectural Committee of PASOK, there was found divergence between the number of the ballot papers found in the poll and the voters’ number in the relevant list.
We contacted the Statutes and Certification Committee straight way, and in agreement with the President Vaggelis Argiris, we interrupted the procedure and sealed the poll. The total of the ballot papers, the poll, the voters list and the other material used to conduct the election was sent directly to the SCC, who now is responsible to decide about the incident and the procedure.
The Returning Board




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